Extracurricular Activities

At Christ Church C of E Primary School, we plan a range of extracurricular activities.

We believe that undertaking extracurricular activities has far-ranging benefits that can touch on many aspects of a child’s development. Here are the reasons why we encourage our children to take on something away from the classroom:




1. Learn new skills

Extracurricular activities allow children to learn something that could stay with them for a lifetime. New skills could be the basis of a hobby or passion that enriches their life for many years. Everything from playing sports to learning an instrument could lead to hours spent doing something they enjoy.

Beyond that, extracurricular activities instil key skills and personality traits that can be helpful in other walks of life. For example, sports are key to developing teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving skills. A musical instrument requires perseverance, hand-eye coordination and, above all, creativity.

These are skills that provide continued benefits long after their education is completed.

2. Boost academic performance

A lot of the skills that lie at the heart of extracurricular activities can be used during core academic subjects. Education requires solid problem-solving skills, memory, creativity, and critical thinking. Many extracurricular activities have an impact on these areas.

3. Broader social skills

The nature of many extracurricular activities means that children are able to engage with other children in a relaxed and social setting. Away from the classroom, it’s a good opportunity for them to mix with other children doing something they particularly enjoy. This gives all children a chance to develop their social skills, meet new friends and become more confident communicating in groups. Extracurricular activities also support the development of self-esteem and confidence. Good self-esteem is an essential tool for positive mental health and wellbeing.